Mooresville Area Child Custody Lawyer

Where children will live and how they will be raised are often the most difficult issues to resolve when parents divorce. The one certainty is that life will change dramatically for everyone in your family. This makes understanding relevant North Carolina laws and setting clear, realistic goals as a loving mother or father absolutely critical.

Concerned About Parenting Time And Child Support? A Statesville Attorney Who Will Help Is One Call Away.

If you are facing divorce with children in Iredell County, near Hickory, Davidson, Mocksville or elsewhere in our area, we encourage you to turn to us at Griffin Law, PLLC, for the legal guidance and advocacy you need. Experienced family lawyer Jonathan D. Griffin and our professional team will strive to ease the stress you feel and work diligently to protect your most important relationships.

North Carolina courts prioritize the best interest of the child above all other family concerns. Custody negotiations — and litigation if necessary — must be handled with this in mind. We will provide experienced guidance to help you make decisions and set expectations for:

  • Physical custody, determining whether children will primarily live with one parent or divide their time on a near-equal basis between two homes
  • Legal custody, which involves access to information and whether parents will both have input into important decisions regarding children
  • Visitation (sometimes called parenting time) for a parent who will not have physical custody
  • Child support, which is determined by application of a formula but should be carefully projected as part of the planning process for life during separation and after divorce

Divorce Or Problem Afterward? Schedule A Consultation To Learn Your Options.

In addition to full-service divorce representation, we file petitions for modifications of custody or support when parents must cope with a major change in circumstances. You can talk openly with Mr. Griffin about your options due to a job loss, health problem or proposed child relocation.

If you need a knowledgeable, dedicated Mooresville area child custody attorney to advise and advocate for you as a parent, please call 704-380-9128 or contact us online. We prioritize results, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in all we do, and we accept credit card payments for your convenience.