Statesville First-Offense Lawyer

Many people who are charged with criminal offenses are not "criminals" in any other sense of that word. Young people push limits, give in to peer pressure and do things that get them arrested. At any age, a person may suffer serious financial stress or other problems that lead to mistakes they seriously regret. After any such mistake, it's the next big decision you make that matters most.

Keeping One-Time Mistakes From Haunting Our Clients For Years To Come

Facing any criminal charge without a dedicated, skilled lawyer on your side puts your future at risk. Practicing in Iredell County and throughout our area since 2001, Jonathan D. Griffin is a Statesville first-offense attorney with extensive knowledge and strong credibility. He knows all available programs and options and is familiar with officials and sentencing patterns in specific courts.

Reach An Attorney For Deferred Prosecution Serving Mooresville, Hickory And All Other Area Communities

At Griffin Law, PLLC, you can count on personal, caring attention — whether you have a legal problem of your own or want to help a child or other family member. Mr. Griffin has won acquittals and dismissals in many North Carolina criminal cases, but often the prosecution's case is strong and clear-cut. The best defense path for you may include:

  • Admitting a mistake and focusing on preventing long-term damage to your criminal record that could hinder your job prospects and educational opportunities for years to come
  • Seeking a deferred prosecution agreement that allows dismissal of the charge against you once complete probation and other terms

First-Time Theft Or Drug Possession Charge? Questions About Expungement?

We defend the interests of each client we serve vigorously and aggressively, but also realistically and productively. Whether to fight a charge or have Mr. Griffin do everything possible to minimize consequences will be your decision. He has the experience and insight to help you make the right one.

Our firm is also a proven resource if you have questions about expungement of a conviction or arrest from your past. For a free consultation focused on your specific problem and best legal options, contact our offices at 704-380-9128 and speak with experienced criminal defense lawyer Jonathan D. Griffin as soon as possible.