Traffic Tickets

Mooresville and Statesville Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you have received a ticket in Iredell County, do NOT pay it off at the courthouse or by using PAYTICKET.ORG as provided to you by the officer or clerk's office. Doing this almost always results in points against your license and an increase in your insurance premiums. Let us help you with a free consultation. We have handled traffic matters for over ten years and in most cases can see to it you receive no points on your license and have no increase in your insurance premiums. Usually we can do this without you ever having to appear in court. Call today for a free telephone consultation.

Statesville and Mooresville Traffic Violation Attorney Protecting your Rights

Equipped with a thorough understanding of the traffic code and penalty guidelines, at Griffin Law, PLLC we can confidently provide the best outcome to keep your insurance premiums low and your driving privileges intact, even in cases with serious infractions. We place a high priority on personal service and will provide answers all your questions and discuss your options, usually in a free telephone consultation.

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If you have been charged with a traffic infraction or speeding ticket, we can keep your insurance premiums low and keep you driving.

If You Have Received a Traffic Ticket in Statesville or Mooresville or a License Suspension or Revocation for a Past Infraction in Iredell County Call Attorney Jonathan D. Griffin and Let His Experience and Knowledge Work for You