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Posts tagged "Child Custody"

The difference between mediation and collaborative law

A previous post on this blog have discussed the benefits of using mediation when resolving a child custody dispute. This post talked about how, in the right case, mediation in a child custody case can save both parents a lot of time and stress and, in the longer term, can be of great benefit to the couple's children.

The different types of shared custody in North Carolina

Previous posts on this blog have talked about the advantages that co-parenting offers moms and dads in the Statesville area. Indeed, while not always possible, a child can benefit tremendously when his or her parents are both involved in the child's life and, at least with respect to child-related issues, can work well together.

Representing North Carolina parents in creating schedules

A previous post on this blog discussed how parents in the Statesville, North Carolina, area who intend to live in separate homes will need to come up with a parenting schedule describing in detail which parent will have what time with the children. The schedule also needs to lay down some ground rules for the parents, such as how they will exchange their children, how they will make important decision about the child and the like.

Review of legal standards for child custody modification

Depending on a parent's perspective, it may be a huge relief or a cause of a concern that, in North Carolina, child custody and parenting time decisions are not set in stone. This is true even when the parents made an agreement about such issues and one of them wants to change the agreement.

A parenting coordinator's role in a child custody case

A previous post on this blog discussed how Statesville, North Carolina, parents might be able to use a child custody mediator to resolve any child custody disputes or disagreements over either parent's visitation rights. The ideal result of a child custody mediator is when the mediator is able to prepare a written agreement that both parties are willing to sign. Failing this, a mediator's role in the case usually ends when either parent indicates that he or she is no longer interested in trying to negotiate an agreement.

Child custody and relocation

Unlike many other states, North Carolina does not have any special law when it comes to single parents who have to move either out of state or even to another part of North Carolina, which can be hundreds of miles from Statesville.

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