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Posts tagged "Criminal Law"

Several people arrested in North Carolina drug sting

As happens periodically, North Carolina law enforcement officers rounded up 14 people as part of what they described as an anti-drug operation. The sheriff's office claimed that as part of their operation, they conduct what are called controlled drug buys and also stopped several vehicles suspected of being involved in the drug trade.

Overview of shoplifting laws in North Carolina

Many people in Statesville, North Carolina, may find themselves accused of a crime related to shoplifting. In some cases, a young person, someone in need or just someone who was not thinking may make the mistake of trying to take something from a store. In other cases, an overzealous business may accuse someone of shoplifting when such was not in fact the cases.

Police action across NC leads to drug possession, other charges

In cooperation with local law enforcement officials from across the state, North Carolina's Alcohol Enforcement Agency made over 130 arrests and submitted over 200 criminal charges in connection with a recent raid they coordinated at several locations across the state.

Traffic tickets for truckers can be career killers

No one in Statesville, North Carolina, wants to deal with a speeding or other traffic ticket. In addition to having to fork over a fine after getting caught going a few miles over the speed limit, for instance, a driver may also have to deal with points on their driving record and higher insurance premiums for the next several months.

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