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Posts tagged "Criminal Law"

What is limited driving privilege?

In North Carolina, traffic violations are attached to your driver's license on a point system. Convictions are assigned a point level depending on the severity of the crime. Once you reach a threshold of points within a timeframe, you may face license suspension or even revocation.

Two men face serious drug charges

Two men who are from out of state are now facing two serious drug charges in North Carolina. Police say they were able to recover two kilograms of heroin from the men's vehicle. This translates in to about $1 million worth of drugs. Both men are facing drug trafficking charges, which could land them in this state's prison system for years or even decades.

Guard at women's prison accused of drug possession

According to a recent report, a prison guard at the state's women's prison has been accused of possessing a controlled substance and planning to provide it to others, presumably inmates in the prison. While the woman remained in the state's employ officially, she has reportedly been told as a condition of her being out on bond that she must stay off the grounds of the prison. This means that, unless things change, she cannot legally go to work while her charge is pending.

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