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Statesville North Carolina Legal Blog

Wrong place at the wrong time? You will need a solid defense

A previous post on this blog reported that several people in a town not far from Statesville, North Carolina, had been caught up in a drug bust. Police reportedly found methamphetamine and other evidence of drug distribution in the home that they searched.

As that post mentioned, these are the sorts of cases in which the old maxim, "at the wrong place and the wrong time," can have particular relevance.

Premarital agreements in North Carolina

North Carolina law allows couples planning to marry to enter into premarital agreements before they tie the knot. These agreements are important not only in the event of a divorce or separation, but also when one of the spouses simply wants to protect the inheritance of any children from a previous relationship.

However, these agreements are subject to special legal requirements, which, if not satisfied, could render a premarital agreement unenforceable. For instance, before enforcing an agreement, a court will verify that both parties signed the written agreement. Informal, oral agreements will not be enforced.

Multiple people facing drug charges in connection with meth bust

Seven people who face multiple drug-related charges after police allegedly broke up a methamphetamine distributing operation. The alleged operation was taking place relatively close to an elementary school in Drexel, North Carolina, which is a town not far from Statesville.

Two of the people who were arrested lived at and owned the home that was the target of the police raid. Upon entering the home, police allegedly found 30 grams of meth in the home, as well as drug paraphernalia and cash.

How deferred prosecution helps a first-time offender

The word criminal often induces a stereotypical image in the mind of a hardened person with no conscience or regret for illegal behavior. Of course, people exist who fit that description, but many times criminals are just everyday citizens who made a mistake. Alcohol, peer pressure, financial struggles, mental illness and more can all push someone in the wrong direction, and a person may end up doing something he or she would not normally do. 

An error in judgment should not define someone who faces criminal charges, yet the law is all about seeking justice and dispensing punishment. It may seem as if all hope were lost, but first-time offenders do not need to give up. If you are dealing with the consequences of a poor choice for the first time, you may have options to prevent the lifelong challenges of a conviction. One of them is a conditional discharge, but this course requires pleading guilty. The better route is through deferred prosecution.

Woman faces charges after allegedly posting photos of ex

There are right ways and wrong ways to handle the end of a romantic relationship. Generally speaking, legal issues arising from the end of the relationship should be handled through the legal system, while the emotional fallout may be better dealt with outside of the public eye.

As one North Carolina woman found out recently, not dealing with former love interests in a mature manner can in some cases lead to getting accused of violating the criminal law of this state. North Carolina authorities are charging the woman, who is only 19, with "disclosure of private images," which is a felony.

A parenting coordinator's role in a child custody case

A previous post on this blog discussed how Statesville, North Carolina, parents might be able to use a child custody mediator to resolve any child custody disputes or disagreements over either parent's visitation rights. The ideal result of a child custody mediator is when the mediator is able to prepare a written agreement that both parties are willing to sign. Failing this, a mediator's role in the case usually ends when either parent indicates that he or she is no longer interested in trying to negotiate an agreement.

North Carolina courts also have the authority to appoint someone called a parenting coordinator in a child custody case. While the parents can agree to have a parenting coordinator appointed and even choose, which parenting coordinator they want, courts also have authority to appoint one, even if neither parent really wants the court to do so.

How we help protect our client's driving privileges

It is an age-old adage that "driving is privilege, not a right." Still, despite being a "privilege," a Statesville, North Carolina, resident must rely heavily on his or her ability to drive in order to function in daily life. Perhaps more importantly, the vast majority of people need to be able to drive in order to commute to work and earn a living.

A license suspension can therefore be very disruptive or even devastating for a North Carolina resident, so devastating that many people, for example, see the suspension the worst consequence of a drunk driving case. Someone whose license to drive is under threat, for whatever reason, will likely want to do what he or she can to legally protect this important privilege.

Traffic offenses and driving privileges in North Carolina

Traffic laws are in place for the protection of all parties on the road. Those who disobey these laws may face serious charges, such as DUI or DWI charges, which come with strict penalties. 

For those who face such charges, it is important to understand the possible ramifications, especially when it comes to driving. There are a few key facts to understand about traffic offenses in North Carolina and their effect on driving privileges.

What are the advantages of child custody mediation?

Child custody mediation has been growing in popularity over recent years such that many residents of Statesville and other North Carolina residents may have heard of it even if they haven't gone through a custody matter themselves.

For those who do not know, child custody mediation is a process by which the parents choose a third party, who is often a family law attorney that is not affiliated with either of the parents, to help them resolve their dispute. The mediator will then spend time trying to get the couple to come to some agreements about custody and parenting time. The goal is not to force anyone in to an agreement but to show the couple possible solutions to what might seem like insurmountable differences.

What is joint custody?

Many residents of Statesville, North Carolina, especially if they are single parents, have probably heard the phrase joint custody or split custody used in conversation.

While they might figure that, as the name implies, joint custody involves a child's parents sharing some authority over and responsibility for their child, they might not know exactly what that looks like on a practical level.

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