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Statesville Underage DUI Attorney

When someone under the age of 21 is caught drinking or possessing alcohol, they could face serious criminal charges. These offenses are taken very seriously in North Carolina, resulting in consequences that range from steep fines and the suspension of one’s driving privileges to time in jail if the individual is considered an adult in the eyes of the law.

Common culture often downplays underage drinking, but the law does not. Fines are steep, jail time is a possibility and a driver’s license can be suspended if a young person is convicted of this serious criminal charge.

At Griffin Law, PLLC, we offer straightforward assistance with alcohol-related offenses involving young people through Iredell County. We can put 19 years of legal experience to work right away, helping you understand your rights, possible consequences and appropriate defense strategies and navigate this tough situation with an eye on your future.

Types Of Underage Alcohol Offenses In North Carolina

Alcohol offenses take many forms under North Carolina law. Some include:

  • Using a fake ID — It’s illegal in North Carolina for an underage individual to use the ID of an over-21 individual for the purpose of purchasing alcohol. Additionally, it’s illegal for adults to allow a minor to use their ID for the same purposes.
  • Minor in possession of alcohol— It is against the law for anyone under the age of 21 to possess alcohol unless in three specific circumstances: while under supervision during a culinary class, during the course of employment to transport or distribute alcohol, and for religious purposes.
  • Underage drinking and driving— This is an especially serious offense that can not only lead to the suspension of a young person’s driver’s license, but also their actions could cause a serious or fatal accident that could leave them vulnerable to additional criminal charges. Any amount of alcohol in the blood of a person under the age of 21 when driving will lead to the charge of Driving While Consuming Under Age 21. This is not a DWI but will still lead to a license suspension of at least one year if convicted. Of course, if the blood alcohol is over .08, a DWI will also be charged.

This final charge is the most serious of all. The ramifications of a DUI/DWI offense can include a license suspension, fines and jail time, depending on the number of offenses. Penalties after an accident causing injury or death soar far beyond that, which puts defendants at risk of harsher prosecution and a greater chance of being frightened into accepting a less-than-favorable plea deal.

Protecting Your Future With Help From Griffin Law, PLLC

Attorney Jonathan D. Griffin is very keen on helping young people get the best possible outcomes in these types of cases because he understands that young people make mistakes and may not deserve to be punished for it for the rest of their lives.

Our law firm is dedicated to taking actions that benefit our client, which is why we often push for the Underage Drinking Ticket Deferred Prosecution program as a resolution to criminal charges in Statesville. Upon completion of this program, charges drop off a young person’s record, which can help defendants avoid issues such as being rejected for employment or not being able to secure a loan simply because of a criminal conviction.

You can rest assured when you work with our firm that we will always have your best interests at heart when defending you against criminal allegations. We will respond quickly to your situation, needs and questions, and we will keep you informed from beginning to end.

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