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Statesville Theft And Property Crime Lawyer

There are various criminal offenses that fall under the umbrella of property crimes in North Carolina, and each one carries a different level of consequences depending on the specifics of each case.

While fines and jail time are the most common consequences, young people who enter the deferred prosecution program could face less severe punishments, such as community service and attendance and completion of the Street Safe program, instead of having a criminal conviction on their record that could cause additional problems later in life.

Types Of Property Crimes We Handle

For 19 years and counting, attorney Jonathan D. Griffin has helped adults and young people throughout Iredell County address theft and property crime charges head-on using strong defense strategies that seek the best possible outcome for the situation at hand.

Located in Statesville, Griffin Law, PLLC, is experienced with and capable of handling the following criminal offenses:

  • Theft Taking property, assets or belongings without an owner’s consent
  • Shoplifting The willful concealment of merchandise or products while in a retail establishment.
  • Larceny — Unlawful taking of someone else’s property with the intent of permanently depriving that someone of future ownership
  • ID theft Fraudulently using someone else’s identification as your own

While most property crimes qualify as misdemeanor offenses, charges can escalate to felony offenses depending on the value of the property that was stolen, in what manner the property was taken and whether or not the property was taken directly from the owner.

Our Approach To Fighting Theft And Property Crime Charges

Whether attorney Jonathan D. Griffin is handling a property crime case or another criminal offense in Statesville, he always seeks the best possible outcome for his clients. That’s because he understands what’s at stake in these types of cases and truly wants to help his clients keep their record clean in order to protect their future freedoms.

At Griffin Law, PLLC, we will use 19 years of experience handling criminal matters to identify the best defensive strategy and options for you. We challenge the state’s case and evidence when it falls short. When working with young people, we will seek deferred prosecution because this means keeping things off your record instead of affecting things like loans, rental properties and even college applications.

Understand Your Rights. Protect Your Future.

Never assume that just because you’re facing a misdemeanor charge that your situation isn’t serious. Our skilled criminal defense lawyer offers free initial consultations where you can discuss your case and get a better idea of what’s at stake. You can set up an appointment at our Statesville office by calling 704-873-5500. You can also reach us online through our contact form.