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While the legal definition of assault varies by jurisdiction, in North Carolina assault is typically defined as an act of physical violence that results in injury to another or an attempt to commit physical violence with the intent to do harm to another person. Regardless of the definition, prosecutors take assault charges seriously and will seek harsh consequences in an effort to avoid future offenses.

Assault charges not only impact a person’s freedoms, reputation and employment, but violent crimes can also affect divorce and child custody proceedings, making them far more complex and challenging. If you are convicted on assault charges in North Carolina, you may even lose your right to purchase firearms.

We Handle All Types Of Assault In North Carolina

In North Carolina, assault charges are broken down into three separate categories:

  • Assault — the attempt to commit bodily harm or the use of verbal or physical threats to intimidate another
  • Assault on a female — an assault by a man over 18 years of age on a female
  • Assault and battery — battery signifies that the threats were followed with actual physical violence and bodily harm
  • Public fighting (affray) — involves physical or verbal altercations between two or more people

If you’re facing misdemeanor charge for assault in Statesville, Griffin Law, PLLC, can help you understand your rights, options and what defense strategy will result in the best possible outcome.

The Benefits Of Working With Our Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer

For the past 19 years, attorney Jonathan D. Griffin has earned a strong reputation throughout Iredell County for securing positive outcomes for clients from all walks of life no matter what criminal charges have been levied against them. He understands the criminal code inside and out and which defensive strategies work best for his clients.

Our law firm looks into all potential options, which means no quick plea deals or rushes to court unless we are absolutely sure it is the best course of action.

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There is no time like now to address the charges against you. If you would like to learn more about how to protect your rights and future from damaging violent crime offenses, we encourage you to contact our law firm. We offer free initial consultations with our experienced attorney at Statesville office. Call our office in Statesville at 704-873-5500, or contact us online to get started.