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Statesville DMV Hearing Lawyer

The list of ways you can lose your North Carolina driving privilege is a long one. Accumulating more than 12 points for various traffic violations in a three-year period may get you a 60-day suspension. A single, first-offense DWI conviction or breath test refusal brings a one-year suspension with extensive, specific requirements for reinstatement. These are just a few examples of the problems you may be facing right now. An experienced DMV hearing attorney can assist you in navigating these challenges.

Skilled Representation For Protecting Or Reinstating Your Driver’s License

At Griffin Law, PLLC , we know that protecting your driver’s license may be your top priority if you are dealing with traffic tickets. If you’ve already had your license suspended or revoked, you need to get it back as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Dealing with the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can be intimidating. Experienced Statesville area DWI defense attorney Jonathan D. Griffin is here to help.

Mr. Griffin will hear you out, thoroughly assess your situation and explain options. Our services include providing:

  • Skilled, results-focused defense representation for people facing all types of traffic and criminal driving charges, from speeding tickets to drunk driving
  • Comprehensive guidance on how to get a reinstatement hearing, what you need to do and whether you need to have a lawyer appear with you during case in Statesville.
  • Clear communication and efficient action for out-of-state residents who must deal with traffic matters in our region of North Carolina — often after being unable to get a driver’s license in their home states.

Based In Statesville, A License Suspension Attorney Who Will Work Hard For You

Driver’s license revocation is a serious problem, economically and personally. We get that, and we make it a priority to help people overcome setbacks and get back on the road. You can count on us to make this process as painless and affordable as possible for you.

For a free consultation focused on your problem and what we can do about it, call 704-873-5500 or send us an email right now.