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Options for the marital home during divorce

When people in North Carolina make the decision to divorce, they may find it a difficult choice to leave the…

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How to modify spousal support after divorce

Couples who go through a divorce negotiate what they would like regarding spousal support, child custody, visitation rights and an…

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How a court determines child custody

North Carolina parents who are going through a divorce may have questions about how their living arrangements will affect the…

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Tips for parallel parenting

Some parents in North Carolina who are getting a divorce might be able to co-parent effectively, but others may not.…

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Obstacles fathers may face in family court

Some divorced or unmarried fathers might face obstacles when it comes to child support and custody. One father who was…

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Advocates call for reducing legal BAC limit

New York’s blood alcohol concentration limit of .08 percent is identical to that of 48 other states and the District…

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Looting in the wake of Hurricane Michael

The devastation of hurricane Michael has left millions without power. A lack of power can mean that those who were…

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Why parents might request a child custody modification

There are a number of reasons that separated or divorced parents in North Carolina might need to request a child…

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Planning for divorce after age 50

Spouses over age 50 who are considering divorce should understand that separation could impact their ability to retire. However, there…

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“Gray divorce” continues to rise

In North Carolina and across the country, a growing number of Americans are filing for divorce later in life. When…

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Research suggests certain wedding dates may not be so lucky

For couples planning to tie the knot in North Carolina, there are many important decisions to make, one of which…

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Alimony tax changes could affect retirement as well

For people in North Carolina who will finalize their divorces in 2019, the impact of the new spousal support tax…

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