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Can parental alienation affect your kids as adults?

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Mar 26, 2021 |

Parental alienation affects many children of divorce, and it is to their detriment. However, when dealing with this issue, many parents do not think to consider their child’s future. Living with parental alienation can create more than just current-day problems. It can affect them for…

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Will an NC judge consider a child’s opinion in custody matters?

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Mar 23, 2021 |

If you are party to an ongoing custody dispute, you may wonder how you can speed up the process and still obtain the best possible outcome. So, when your child expresses to you that he or she would prefer to live with you for the…

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Will a DWI conviction cost you your college financial aid?

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Mar 17, 2021 |

When you are celebrating the end of high school, it may be tempting to have a few beers with your friends. If you drive while impaired, though, you may face severe consequences. These include a possible fine and jail time. If you must serve time…

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