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Do police have a right to search your vehicle?

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Apr 28, 2023 |

There are many misconceptions regarding police traffic stops that can result in people incriminating themselves. For example, you have no obligation to consent to a police search of your vehicle unless they have a warrant. Knowing your rights can help you safeguard your privacy and…

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Why do commercial drivers have a higher BAC limit?

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Apr 20, 2023 |

The law expects every driver to know they should not get behind the wheel if they have alcohol in their system. But while this expectation applies to everyone, the law holds commercial drivers to a higher standard. Like other states, North Carolina imposes a .04%…

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How do courts decide the equitable distribution of marital assets?

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Apr 05, 2023 |

In a divorce, parties will have to touch on different issues, such as alimony or child custody and support. One of the complex topics is the division of marital property which can lead to disputes if the parties cannot agree on the division. In case…

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