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Ways to minimize the emotional impact of divorce on your child

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Feb 08, 2024 |

Divorce is a challenging experience for a family, with children being particularly vulnerable to the emotional impact of the separation. Nonetheless, there are various ways parents can help minimize the emotional effect of divorce on their children. If you are facing, considering or ready to…

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How does the destruction of marital property affect alimony?

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Oct 12, 2023 |

Divorce can be a challenging period. Heightened emotions and disagreements often govern it. In the midst of these difficulties, purposeful damage to shared property can make things even more complicated. In North Carolina, when a property that belongs to both spouses is intentionally damaged, it…

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What warrants a temporary emergency custody order?

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Aug 18, 2023 |

A divorce must have taken a turn for the worst if a parent, grandparent or any relative files for a North Carolina temporary emergency custody order. The state takes a child’s well-being seriously. Courts only grant emergency custody in the most severe cases. A typical…

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