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How might adultery impact your divorce?

Adultery is often the reason for a marriage to end. Unfortunately, some humans have a tendency not to be loyal to partners. If you have proof of an affair, you may be able to use it as leverage in your divorce. You might be able to get a better settlement or claim...

Should you beware of hidden assets?

Asset hiding has existed alongside divorces for as long as property division itself. While it is not guaranteed everyone will have to deal with this, it is a possibility to consider. What exactly is asset hiding in the first place, then? What signs may indicate that...

Hidden assets and divorce

For some couples, the division of their shared property and finances is the most contentious aspect of their divorces. Despite their differences of opinion, most who face challenges with this phase of their cases make the appropriate reports to the courts and abide by...

Using your divorce as an opportunity

Divorce often gets a bad rap for causing financial hardship and disrupting plans for the future. However, what you may fail to see is the opportunities divorce can create. Even if you never anticipated your marriage ending the way it did, using your circumstances to...

3 tips for telling the kids about divorce

One of the largest challenges with getting divorced for many parents involves breaking the news to their children. For any number of reasons, people decide they no longer work as a married couple. After making the difficult decision to dissolve their marriages, those...

Focusing on your health following a divorce

While divorce may be the healthiest answer for your marriage, it is not always easy. Despite being the best decision you can make, you may still suffer from feelings of depression and other adverse health effects. To remain healthy following a breakup, you need to...


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