Child custody talks need not be in person

Griffin Law, PLLC
Feb 02, 2021

If parents have a contentious relationship, it can intensify the stress of their divorce. While some parents in North Carolina are able to get along peacefully and, perhaps, even attend functions together, such as school plays or holiday parties, others can barely be in the same room without arguing. In such cases, child custody issues can be especially stressful.

Avoid in person conflict by opting for digital correspondence

It is helpful to know that discussions about custody need not always take place in person. In fact, studies show children’s stress levels soar when they’re learning to cope with divorce and are constantly exposed to parental conflict. It might be better for everyone if the parents in questionagree to correspond through textmessaging or email instead of face to face.

Incorporate terms in written agreement to set boundaries

A concerned parent should never hesitate to set boundaries regarding a co-parenting agreement. Such boundaries can be expressed in written form as terms of the divorce settlement. For instance, co-parents can agree in writing to always have a third-party present when they have to meet in person to discuss child custody issues.

Know your rights, and reach out for support as needed

Co-parenting after divorcecan be challenging in many ways. If one parent disregards a child custody court order, the court can intervene to help resolve the issue. Parental conflict can cause emotional or financial problems in divorce as well, which is why a parent who does not feel equipped to address a specific issue alone should never hesitate to reach out for additional support.

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