Does a parent’s education level affect child custody?

Griffin Law, PLLC
May 31, 2023

Divorce courts generally take the issue of child custody very seriously. The judge will likely examine your qualities and background closely to determine if you can provide your children with a secure and stable growing environment. In certain situations, they might even look at your educational level.

When might the parent’s educational level become relevant?

Anyone can be a good and capable parent, whether they finished formal studies or not. However, the court might consider your educational level important for several reasons.

For one, it usually has an impact on your employment prospects. People with more education tend to have better odds of getting jobs and earning a higher income. On paper, this generally makes them more capable of supporting their children financially.

Moreover, the court might consider how your educational level can influence your children’s educational opportunities. Studies suggest that children of college-educated parents usually have access to achievement-oriented experiences and are able to cultivate their talents, helping improve their chances of academic success.

Is educational level a significant factor in child custody?

Your educational level is just one of many factors the court might consider when deciding custody. Generally, the court wants to ensure your children’s best interests, so they will likely decide to favor a parenting arrangement that addresses most, if not all, your children’s needs.

Fighting for custody of your children is no simple matter. A family law attorney can help you with building a solid case in your favor and help ensure positive outcomes for your family.

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