Options for challenging traffic tickets

Griffin Law, PLLC
Oct 06, 2017

Traffic tickets are not something to ignore and may be something the accused individual wishes to fight. There are a number of reasons to challenge a traffic ticket including reasons related to the potential consequences of a traffic ticket such as fees and increased insurance rates. Traffic tickets can be issued for a range of traffic violations including for speeding and running red lights.

In some circumstances, depending on the nature of the traffic violation alleged, it may be possible to challenge the opinion of the police officer as to whether the driver made an unsafe turn or was driving in an unsafe manner down the road. If the traffic citation requires the police officer to exercise personal judgment when evaluating the driver’s activity, it may be possible to challenge the personal judgment made by the officer.

In some instances, a traffic ticket will be issued for an infraction that does not require the police officer’s personal judgment. Examples can include failure to stop at a stop sign or making an illegal U-turn. In those instances, it is necessary to challenge how the evidence is being presented by authorities which can be done through witness testimony, pictures or diagrams refuting what authorities say took place. In some instances, drivers may be able to argue a mistake of fact such as a stop sign was missing or the lines marking the lanes were worn away so the driver failed to stop or was driving in both lanes.

Additionally, drivers may argue that the driving they were cited for was necessary or justified to prevent harm. There are a variety of methods for challenging a traffic ticket and, because the consequences for a traffic ticket can be unpleasant and sometimes burdensome, it may be worth it for drivers to consider challenging a traffic ticket depending on the circumstances.

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