What are the advantages of child custody mediation?

Griffin Law, PLLC
Mar 09, 2018

Child custody mediation has been growing in popularity over recent years such that many residents of Statesville and other North Carolina residents may have heard of it even if they haven’t gone through a custody matter themselves.

For those who do not know, child custody mediation is a process by which the parents choose a third party, who is often a family law attorney that is not affiliated with either of the parents, to help them resolve their dispute. The mediator will then spend time trying to get the couple to come to some agreements about custody and parenting time. The goal is not to force anyone in to an agreement but to show the couple possible solutions to what might seem like insurmountable differences.

Many people now believe mediation is a great way, if not the best way, to resolve a custody dispute. There are indeed many advantages to child custody mediation. For instance, mediation tends to take less time and also involves less of a wait than would getting a hearing in front of a judge. Moreover, it also means lower legal bills overall.

Perhaps most importantly, since the process focuses on coming to an agreement on issues, mediation can set the couple on the course of using compromise and negotiation when it comes to raising their children. This, in turn, leads to children who are generally happier and better adjusted than those who don’t have the benefit of parents who are trying to resolve their disputes amicably.

The biggest downside of mediation is that if it turns not to work, then the parties will find that they have spent a lot of time and money but still have to go to court to get their dispute resolved. Mediation may also not be right for some couples, such as in a case where domestic violence has been a factor.

Parents who have questions about the mediation process or who think it might be right for their case should speak with their family law attorneys.

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