How can parental alienation lead to a strained relationship?

Griffin Law, PLLC
May 06, 2022

When you and your children try to adjust to life after a divorce, you may wonder what the source of their increased anger or frustration is. In some cases, you may need to look at your ex-spouse and how they are behaving for more insight.

Parental alienation is a serious problem that affects children who spend time with alienating parents in the time after a split. As this issue continues, you may have trouble speaking with your children without interference.

Increased annoyance at interactions

According to Psychology Today, alienated children often display signs of random instances of rejecting you or what you do for them. They may complain about anything from foods you make for them to that they have no good memories of you at all.

This dynamic could start after your ex-spouse tries to influence your children to act like this toward you on purpose. Alienation can start out subtle and grow more extreme over time as the alienating parent tries to distance your children more from you.

Struggling to talk privately

Talking about upcoming school or life events is an important part of being a parent. An alienating parent knows this and will try to hide information or tell your children to not share information with you to confuse you.

This sudden change can leave you feeling lost and wondering what you did wrong. It can also prevent your children from getting closer to you since your ex-spouse broke that line of communication between you both. Knowing why these signs of alienation are dangerous for everyone involved is important if you suspect this is happening.

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