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Protecting Your License From The Threat Of Suspension Or Revocation

For many people charged with traffic or criminal driving violations in North Carolina, the most serious consequence is the threat or reality of driver’s license suspension. Inability to drive legally can affect your job, your family and your quality of life in dramatic ways — and the penalties for driving while suspended are very severe.

Do You Need Traffic Defense Counsel Or Help Getting Your Driver’s License Back?

Jonathan D. Griffin is an experienced, highly effective criminal defense lawyer for people coping with driver’s license suspension or revocation. If you have gotten a speeding ticket, been cited for other moving violations or been arrested for DWI, he will offer clear counsel on options for protecting your license or getting it reinstated as soon as possible.

Turn To An Attorney Who Will Walk You Through The Entire Process

There is no single process for getting your license back, and sorting out what you need to do can be very confusing. The necessary steps and viable strategies will depend on why your license was suspended, specific requirements and other factors. We help many people:

  • Avoid driver’s license suspension — and drastically increased insurance rates, in many cases — by promptly addressing speeding and other traffic tickets
  • Navigate the steps necessary to obtain and succeed in reinstatement hearings
  • Obtain restricted licenses for driving to work and keeping certain other obligations if eligible
  • Effectively address old North Carolina traffic tickets that, in this age of rapid online communication and “reciprocity” between states, prevent many people from getting their driver’s licenses in other states

Real Help For Local Citizens And Out-Of-State Residents

Based in Statesville, Griffin Law, PLLC, prides itself on communicating efficiently with people all across the United States when it comes to license suspension and revocation issues stemming from a traffic violation in North Carolina. Whether you live in or near Iredell County or far away, we encourage you to contact us online now, or call our office to set up a free initial consultation: office.

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