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How will spousal support be determined in my divorce?

Spousal support can be one of the most significant concerns during a couple’s divorce. Spousal support may be awarded to…

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Property division in a North Carolina divorce

People who plan to divorce must deal with a number of issues. Who gets what in the split ranks as…

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Bail set at $7.5 million for man accused of selling ‘gray death’

There have been many news stories over the past few years about a recent rise in deaths due to overdoses…

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Man faces DWI charges after speaking with police

DWI charges are serious charges in North Carolina. An alderman from a nearby North Carolina community west of the Statesville…

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What behavior falls under the category of domestic violence?

Domestic violence can include a variety of behaviors so it is important for individuals who are accused of domestic violence…

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Options for challenging traffic tickets

Traffic tickets are not something to ignore and may be something the accused individual wishes to fight. There are a…

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