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Child custody and relocation

Unlike many other states, North Carolina does not have any special law when it comes to single parents who have…

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Penalties for marijuana possession in North Carolina

Although several states have been in the news of late for legalizing marijuana, North Carolina is not one of those…

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Can an officer make me take field sobriety tests?

When pulled over on the suspicion of drunk driving, most Statesville, North Carolina, motorists will likely volunteer to take certain…

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North Carolina rules for when a parent needs to move

Although having to move is a part of life that many residents of Statesville, North Carolina, will probably have to…

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Why you should fight for the custody schedule you want

If you are going throw a rough divorce or engaging in a bitter custody battle with your ex-partner in North…

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North Carolina’s driving points system

As is the case with other states, North Carolina has a points system it uses to identify, and punish, drivers…

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