Why you should fight for the custody schedule you want

Griffin Law, PLLC
Dec 04, 2017

If you are going throw a rough divorce or engaging in a bitter custody battle with your ex-partner in North Carolina, you may be ready to say and do anything to put an end to the struggle. Your child’s other parent might not be cooperating with you and trying to make things difficult. No matter how challenging you may feel your situation is, do not blindly or prematurely agree to a custody schedule.

There are ways for you to get the child custody schedule that works best for your situation without arguing back and forth with the other parent. Here are some reasons why it is best for you to work to resolve your child custody situation properly the first time.

You have rights

Many people who go through difficult separations willingly agree to child custody agreements without fully considering their situations. You do not have to accept arrangements that interfere with your livelihood and schedule. Although courts base child custody on the best interests of your child, you do have a say in the outcome.

Modifications are hard to get

There may be circumstances that you might not be able to anticipate now that could cause you to need to change the child custody schedule. You and your kid’s other parent can petition the courts for modifications. However, courts base approval on the evidence, circumstances and willingness of both parents to abide by the changes. You cannot ask to have the child custody schedule changed because you no longer want to comply with it. You can, however, make a request for modification if the changes you propose are in your child’s best interest, such as if the other parent is abusive and you want to keep the child from harm, you want to move out of state with your child, or you feel a change in custody is more beneficial to your child’s emotional and physical health.

It is important for you to review all custody arrangements before you give your approval. If there are issues that keep you and your child’s other parent from reaching a fair compromise, consider getting expert advice from an attorney.

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