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Month: November 2019

How to modify child custody in North Carolina

When life circumstances change, your child custody order may need an update to meet your family's needs. This scenario is common when you agreed to a specific visitation schedule when your children were young and it no longer works as well as it once did. Follow these...

What does it mean to be complicit in a crime?

Many North Carolina residents believe that the only people who risk being accused of a crime are the ones thought to have directly been involved in committing the criminal activity. However, this is not always so. It is possible under certain circumstances to face...

How the court decides to award alimony in divorce

During a divorce in North Carolina, the couple splits all assets, but sometimes one spouse still needs monetary support after the divorce finalizes. The court does not always grant alimony. Instead, the court looks at certain factors to determine length, amount and if...


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