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What should I do when coming up with a prenuptial agreement?

For a very long time, people have considered prenuptial agreements to be a thing of the rich. However, with the…

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Opioid crisis causing parents to lose custody to grandparents

When most people think of bitter custody battles in North Carolina, they envision two exes getting into heated debates in…

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How to modify child custody in North Carolina

When life circumstances change, your child custody order may need an update to meet your family’s needs. This scenario is…

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What does it mean to be complicit in a crime?

Many North Carolina residents believe that the only people who risk being accused of a crime are the ones thought…

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How the court decides to award alimony in divorce

During a divorce in North Carolina, the couple splits all assets, but sometimes one spouse still needs monetary support after…

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3 key points about getting divorced in North Carolina

When starting the divorce process in North Carolina, you may have a lot of questions. The process can be confusing…

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Theft crimes in North Carolina

Every state has its own definitions and penalties for theft offenses, and in North Carolina, the charges depend on a…

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Using a prenuptial agreement to establish a trust

There are a number of important issues a North Carolina couple can address in a prenuptial agreement, including what should…

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Can a paternity action be filed against you after you die?

Establishing that you are the legal father of one or more children allows you to pursue visitation rights and give…

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Can you include life insurance in marital assets?

In the majority of life insurance policies in North Carolina, a person’s spouse is the primary beneficiary. After all, life…

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Can a stepparent adopt stepchild in North Carolina?

Stepparents often have no legal rights or privileges to stepchildren. In some cases, it may be in the child’s best…

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Determining child custody in North Carolina

Like other things, divorcing couples in North Carolina and elsewhere often disagree on custody of their shared children. As such,…

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