What are the benefits of uncontested divorce?

Griffin Law, PLLC
Mar 08, 2021

Divorce is commonly associated with high levels of stress and endless disputes. However, couples who go through the process uncontested have a far better experience. While it is not possible for everyone, it is in your best interest to try for an uncontested divorce.

Not only will it benefit you emotionally, it will also benefit you from a financial perspective. U.S. News & World Report explains why an uncontested divorce is best whenever for many families.

Decreased legal costs and fees

The faster you and your ex make divorce decisions, the less money you will spend. While you must work with an attorney regardless, knowing what you and your ex expect from the divorce greatly decreases the time spent on negotiations. At that point, you will only need to fill out and submit forms to finalize the end of your marriage.

Greater control over divorce decisions

With an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse make decisions together. These decisions involve everything from child custody to property division. If you cannot come up with an agreement on your own, the judge will step in.

While courts do everything they can to ensure fairness during divorce, their decisions might leave you and your ex dissatisfied. That is why it is better to handle decisions on your own. That way, you can reach a reasonable agreement that works for both of you.

Improved relationship going forward

This is extremely important if you have kids with your ex. If your relationship suffered damage leading up to the divorce, a contentious proceeding causes even more strife. By behaving respectfully and negotiating in good faith, you set the stage for a healthy relationship going forward.

Uncontested divorce is not always right for every couple. However, if it is a possibility for you, it will greatly reduce the stress surrounding the experience.

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