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Month: August 2021

What is parallel parenting?

Some divorces end with the ex-spouses on good terms with each other. Others do not end as well. If you are on acrimonious terms with your ex-spouse and you have a joint custody order for your child, this may seem more like punishment as compared to a decision the...

How unwed fathers can claim custodial rights

For fathers going through a North Carolina divorce, custody matters are among the issues typically addressed. However, if you and your child’s mother were not married before you split, spending time with your child can become challenging if your ex refuses visitation....

What triggers positives on breath tests?

Traffic stops can lead to more hassle than you bargained for if you end up in a situation where the officer believes you are driving while intoxicated. They may issue tests such as breath analysis tests if they feel this is the case, and you could get into a tricky...


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