What triggers positives on breath tests?

Griffin Law, PLLC
Aug 02, 2021

Traffic stops can lead to more hassle than you bargained for if you end up in a situation where the officer believes you are driving while intoxicated. They may issue tests such as breath analysis tests if they feel this is the case, and you could get into a tricky situation if the results are positive.

But did you know there is such a thing as false positives on a breath analysis test? If this happens to you, you need to understand why it occurred and how to defend yourself.

Foods and personal hygiene products

Nature World News discusses things that may trigger false positives on breath analysis tests. This can include food, beverages, medicine or even mouthwash that have nothing to do with alcoholic drinks. For example, yeast reacts to other food and creates a small amount of alcohol. If you eat pastries, pizza or anything with dough shortly before taking a breath analysis test, it could pick up on those trace amounts.

Many aspects of personal hygiene also include the use of alcohol. Cologne, deodorant, spray-in shampoo and breath fresheners all contain some form of alcohol that a breath test could pick up on, too.

Medical conditions and medication

Finally, there are even medical symptoms that can trigger false positives. Diabetes and auto-brewery syndrome rank the highest, but it is possible for other conditions or the medications used to treat them to have a similar effect.

If you find yourself facing a false positive on a breath test despite not consuming alcohol beforehand, you will need someone in your corner. Consider seeking legal help for guidance and aid as your case moves forward.

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