The penalties for custody violations

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Oct 26, 2021 |

If you have kids, you could struggle with various legal issues when ending your marriage and even years after the divorce process ends. Child custody is sometimes a contentious issue for custodial as well as non-custodial parents. Whether your ex is accusing you of violating a custody order or your child’s other parent is preventing you from seeing your child in accordance with a court order, it is pivotal to explore your options and safeguard your rights.

In fact, violating a custody order can result in serious penalties.

Custody order violations can lead to serious penalties

According to the North Carolina Judicial Branch, if a parent violates the terms of a custody order, they could face a number of consequences. In some instances, parents found in contempt of court face verbal reprimands. Moreover, some have to spend time behind bars and cover legal fees incurred by the other parent in addition to a court-imposed fine.

Preparing for legal issues involving child custody

Whether your ex is accusing you of violating the custody order or the custodial parent is failing to respect your visitation rights, you need to carefully prepare for court. Every custody case is unique and you need to gather as much evidence as possible. Some parents are wrongly accused of violating custody orders by a bitter non-custodial parent, while other parents do not realize that they have options when their custody rights are not respected.

Try to focus on securing a favorable outcome that not only protects your interests but your relationship with your child and his or her best interests.



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