How can a DUI impact your time in college?

Griffin Law, PLLC
Oct 11, 2021

Facing a DUI charge as a student holds certain potential repercussions that other individuals will not have to fret over. Damage to your reputation as a student is the least of your worries when it comes to the consequences awaiting you.

But what exactly are these consequences? Could they have a serious, irreversible impact on how you proceed with your college career?

Will you be expelled?

Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding “yes”. The College Investor discusses the ways in which DUIs can potentially ruin your college career, making it difficult or even impossible for you to continue your schooling.

First, you will likely not have to worry about your school expelling you. They often save this for complex DUI cases that involve injury of other students, or other and more severe charges than DUI-related ones.

Financial consequences that lie ahead

However, do not expect to go unpunished just because they will not expel you. Colleges will instead begin to target your finances. If you had any scholarships before, you can consider them as good as gone. This could even apply to awards or other financial earnings via prizes, competitions and so on.

Colleges will also prevent you from using the on-campus housing, forcing you to pay for off-campus housing costs. This combined with the lack of financial support could render you incapable of continuing your attendance.

On top of that, you will likely see many career doors close, which could end in education options closing, too. For example, you cannot be a teacher or nurse with a DUI on your record, so you would have to end any similar career-oriented education paths, putting an end to your time studying these fields.

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