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Criminal Law

How will a traffic ticket affect me?

Even the best drivers make mistakes. While non-moving violations have a minimal effect on your life, moving violations may come with big changes to both your driving record and insurance rates. Driving record The state of North Carolina has a fairly straightforward...

What can a plea bargain do?

When presented with a plea bargain, many people may feel tempted to take it right away without actually understanding what it entails. Do plea bargains have any negative effects? Are they right for everyone? What exactly can they do, anyway? Potential positives The...

Should you use your Miranda rights?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where the police arrest you and wish to interrogate you, they will read you your Miranda rights. It is important to understand what these rights are and whether or not you should rely on them. What are Miranda rights? According...

Do charges ever disappear from your record?

In North Carolina, charges do not disappear from your record after a certain amount of time. You have to actively petition to get charges removed from your criminal record. However, not all charges are eligible for expunction. The nature of your charges will determine...

Does an expungement wipe the slate clean?

A criminal record may impact you for years after you finish your sentence. Sometimes, it may bar you from getting certain jobs or even living in some rental communities. An option you may want to consider is asking the court for an expungement. This process can give...

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