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Are you a victim of identity theft?

Identity theft is a felony offense when someone steals your identifying information pretending to be you for their economic gain.…

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Do police have a right to search your vehicle?

There are many misconceptions regarding police traffic stops that can result in people incriminating themselves. For example, you have no…

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Why do commercial drivers have a higher BAC limit?

The law expects every driver to know they should not get behind the wheel if they have alcohol in their…

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What is felony-level shoplifting in North Carolina?

Most of us know what the crime of shoplifting is: taking something from a store without paying for it by…

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Are you eligible for an expunction in North Carolina?

Having a criminal record in North Carolina has the potential to make many aspects of your life harder. Depending on…

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How much does a North Carolina DWI raise your insurance?

A North Carolina conviction for Driving While Impaired leads to severe penalties, some of which may impact your ability to…

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Activist pushback criticizes North Carolina marijuana bill

As more states grapple with their stance on marijuana, there are results where certain restrictions incentivize different outcomes. This remains…

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How will a traffic ticket affect me?

Even the best drivers make mistakes. While non-moving violations have a minimal effect on your life, moving violations may come…

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What can a plea bargain do?

When presented with a plea bargain, many people may feel tempted to take it right away without actually understanding what…

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Should you use your Miranda rights?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where the police arrest you and wish to interrogate you, they will…

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Do charges ever disappear from your record?

In North Carolina, charges do not disappear from your record after a certain amount of time. You have to actively…

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The goal of the field sobriety tests and why you may not pass

The Standardized Field Sobriety Test series consists of three different tests that law enforcement officers may ask you to take…

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