Divorce: When marital misconduct is an issue

Griffin Law, PLLC
Nov 19, 2020

The average North Carolina spouse intends for his or her marriage to last a lifetime. Divorce is a reality in many households, however, and any number of issues may cause a breakdown in a relationship, including marital misconduct. There are several types of misconduct that are often central focuses in divorce proceedings.

Domestic violence is problematic in many marriages. Physical abuse is a broad term that describes numerous types of injury, which may not only include hitting or shoving but neglect, as well. Physical abuse is listed as marital misconduct in many divorce cases. It can lead to other adverse health conditions, such as depression, emotional trauma and mental illness.

Another type of marital misconduct that may be a causal factor in divorce is verbal abuse. This type of abuse is often covert or done in private away from the public eye. It might involve repeated insults or criticisms, or angry outbursts and rage that include malicious statements toward a spouse. Emotional abuse, as well, can make a spouse feel belittled or that he or she doesn’t have a right to his or her own emotions or opinions.

Divorce is stressful, especially if proceedings are likely to include discussions about marital misconduct. Any North Carolina spouse who is planning to bring such matters to the court’s attention may want to enlist support from an experienced family law attorney. Such an attorney can help alleviate courtroom stress by acting as a personal advocate on behalf of a client and can help protect a client’s rights and interests as proceedings progress toward a settlement.

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