Do you relate to these divorce issues?

Griffin Law, PLLC
Jul 03, 2020

Most marriages, in North Carolina and elsewhere, hit rocky passages. Some couples are able to withstand the problems and create an even stronger bond. Others opt for divorce. Here are some reason why.

The age of each spouse at the time of their marriage may place them at greater risk for marital problems that often lead to divorce. Studies show that spouses who marry at young ages often encounter unresolvable issues in their relationships as they grow older. Also, if a couple lived together before their wedding day, they are likelier to view divorce as a viable option if things turn sour in their relationship after they tie the knot.

Low income and lack of post-secondary education are reportedly key factors that also place many North Carolina spouses at risk for divorce. While money is certainly not an answer to every marital problem, studies show that disagreements about finances often prompt one or the other spouse to file for divorce. Finances are also often a central issue in divorce litigation, especially if the spouses disagree about property division, child support or other money-related topics.

Spouses affiliated with a particular faith background typically file for divorce less often than those who do not practice a particular religion. Lack of commitment in a marriage, infidelity and domestic abuse also rank high on most lists regarding reasons North Carolina spouses may decide to sever ties with their partners. Divorce does not necessarily have to spark a nasty court battle, but it is always a good idea to stay closely connected with an experienced family law attorney in case any legal obstacles arise during proceedings.

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