Have questions about clearing your criminal record?

Griffin Law, PLLC
Jun 10, 2020

Most North Carolina residents would agree that they have had some experiences in life they would rather forget. In fact, sometimes, a person wishes he or she could go back in time and relive a particular incident in order to make different choices or decisions than were made in the past. Life cannot be relived, and not all life experiences are pleasant. However, when it comes to having a criminal record, it is sometimes possible to have it expunged.

Another legal term that refers to expungement is “expunction.” Both terms pertain to the process of filing a petition to request that the court “close the book” on your recorded criminal history. Having a criminal record can impede your ability to obtain gainful employment. It might feel like your past is haunting you as you try to carve out a better life for yourself.

The amount of time that has passed since your conviction, as well as the type of crime for which you were convicted are key factors toward the possibility of expunging your record. The offense must have been a nonviolent crime. You must also have kept your record clean (beyond something like a traffic ticket) since the time of your conviction in order to be eligible for a criminal record expungement.

If a North Carolina criminal court judge grants your request for expungement, it is like having the slate wiped clean. No employer or public official or anyone would be able to access information regarding your past criminal conviction. At Griffin Law, PLLC, you can discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney to seek clarification of state laws regarding expungement and to obtain support to help you navigate the process of filing a petition.

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