How much insurance can you afford?

Griffin Law, PLLC
Apr 29, 2021

According to U.S. News, the cheapest car insurance in North Carolina runs an average of about $750. That might be less than you are currently paying, but can you afford to pay 30 percent more? How would you feel about paying 80 percent more?

That price increase is precisely what might happen if you get a traffic conviction. To learn more about this possible consequence of paying off a traffic ticket, please continue to read.

Should you pay off a ticket?

Paying off a traffic ticket is essentially excepting all of the statements that the officer made in your citation. While it is generally easy to do, with even online options available, you might have other choices to consider.

Even from a simple financial perspective, paying off a ticket is generally more expensive in the long term than getting the best possible deal. Negotiations and legal procedures require work and resources, but these costs are typically lower than the amount you would pay in higher insurance premiums.

Why do insurance rates go up if you pay a ticket?

The main reason that your rate might increase after you pay a ticket is due to the insurance point system. The exact number and impact of your points would depend on your insurance provider, but, in general, rates increase in proportion to the severity of the traffic violation convictions you have.

For example, you might pay more after a DWI conviction than you would after a speeding conviction. In some cases, the increased payment could make it impossible for you to afford car insurance. This would effectively make it illegal for you to drive since North Carolina requires you to carry liability protection.

Most people do not know the extent to which they can defend themselves against traffic tickets. Even if attempting to get a judge to throw out your ticket would not be practical, you might have options in the form of reducing the charges to something that would not impact your insurance costs quite so much.

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