How we help protect our client’s driving privileges

Griffin Law, PLLC
Mar 17, 2018

It is an age-old adage that “driving is privilege, not a right.” Still, despite being a “privilege,” a Statesville, North Carolina, resident must rely heavily on his or her ability to drive in order to function in daily life. Perhaps more importantly, the vast majority of people need to be able to drive in order to commute to work and earn a living.

A license suspension can therefore be very disruptive or even devastating for a North Carolina resident, so devastating that many people, for example, see the suspension the worst consequence of a drunk driving case. Someone whose license to drive is under threat, for whatever reason, will likely want to do what he or she can to legally protect this important privilege.

Our law office handles all kinds of traffic-related matters on behalf of North Carolina residents and those who were just passing through this state. Whether someone is facing a DWI or other more serious traffic offense or simply has just gotten one speeding ticket too many, we can provide representation for that person. We can be there whether the motorist takes his or her case to trial or tries to negotiate a resolution that does not involve a lengthy license suspension.

We also represent people who must appear before the Division of Motor Vehicles, the North Carolina agency in charge of issuing, and with the power the suspend or revoke, a person’s license. In addition to preventing suspensions, our practice before the DMV also includes helping motorists get their licenses reinstated. If reinstatement is not possible, we can seek to obtain some limited driving privileges on behalf of our client so he or she can at least drive to and from a job.

Finally, for those who are not from North Carolina, we may be able to assist them with clearing up traffic tickets that are outstanding in this state and are now preventing them from getting, or keeping, a license in their home states.

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