Police Action Across NC Leads To Drug Possession, Other Charges

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May 09, 2018

In cooperation with local law enforcement officials from across the state, North Carolina’s Alcohol Enforcement Agency made over 130 arrests and submitted over 200 criminal charges in connection with a recent raid they coordinated at several locations across the state.

According to the Agency, the point of the raid was to deter violent activity that supposedly had been a problem at bars and clubs in North Carolina. In the course of the raid, police did seize 11 guns. Additionally, police seized drugs, illegal alcohol and even a couple of motor vehicles.

In addition to the criminal cases, the Agency also cited 16 businesses that have licenses to sell alcohol with various violations. These citations can spell fines or, in serious cases, even the loss of a business’s license to sell alcohol.

Part of the raid involved two bars or clubs that reportedly were operating without permission from the state. Police said that at those bars, they found illegal moonshine and cocaine.

Most of the charges filed by police involved either a violation of alcohol laws or drug laws. Of the 209 charges filed, only 12, were felony offenses.

Still, any one of these 132 people who were arrested will want to take these charges seriously, as even misdemeanors can have serious and long-term consequences. As with anyone who gets caught up in a surprise police raid, these people will likely want to consult with an experienced North Carolina criminal law attorney about their rights.

Source: WBTV, “NC alcohol law enforcement agency’s statewide operation nets 132 arrests on 209 charges,” May 6, 2018.

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