Sharing parental responsibilities after divorce

Griffin Law, PLLC
Jul 27, 2018

One of the challenges parents in North Carolina may have to face after divorce is that of co-parenting. However, even if the divorce was acrimonious, it is important for ex-spouses to respect one another in their parental roles.

A structured parenting schedule may help with this. Parents may also reduce conflict by choosing neutral locations to do pickups and drop-offs, such as at the child’s school. Parents who feel overwhelmed by negative emotions might want to seek therapy to deal with them. If people are struggling with communication issues and experiencing conflict, they might want to seek the assistance of a parent coordinator. Over time, individuals may find that their negative feelings dissipate, and it is easier to value the other parent’s contributions.

People should try to be flexible and act in good faith regarding the parenting schedule. In some cases, conflict may arise if one person is particularly rigid. A parent coordinator may be helpful in this case as well. Parents should avoid speaking disparagingly of one another in the presence of the children or making the children feel they cannot talk about the other parent. This could lead to children feeling they have to take sides. Instead, individuals should actively encourage their children’s relationship with their exes.

Negotiating child custody can be a difficult element of a divorce, but if parents are able to do so, it may create a better framework for co-parenting than a custody battle. However, even after a contentious court case, it is still possible for both individuals to become effective co-parents. People may find it useful to negotiate a parenting agreement that agrees on rules that will be consistent between households. While major child custody modifications may need a new legal agreement, parents should try to work out small issues without returning to court.

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