Steps to creating a workable parenting schedule

Griffin Law, PLLC
Jul 12, 2018

Divorcing parents in North Carolina will need to create a parenting schedule for custody and visitation. It is important that parents make this schedule child-focused because it shows children that their parents are working together toward their best interests.

When creating the schedule, parents should think about what would work best for their children. They need to think about practical factors, such as how far apart they live and what transportation and the child’s schedule are like. If the children have a regular child care provider, parents may want to try to keep that person to maintain a sense of consistency. Older children might want to help with the creation of the schedule. Parents should keep in mind that allowing their input does not mean they have to implement all of their suggestions. Finally, parents of children with special needs may need to take additional issues into account.

People should not look at the parenting schedule as an opportunity to “win” while the other person loses or as a way to get back at their exes. While it may be difficult in some cases for people to see their exes as being competent at parenting, individuals should set aside this type of comparison. They should also focus on what is best for their children over their own convenience.

Negotiating child custody and visitation can be one of the most difficult parts of getting a divorce because it may become very emotional. The idea of disrupting their children’s lives or being separated from them for days or weeks at a time may be hard for parents. However, it is possible to reach a solution that works for all parties and allows the parents to create a workable co-parenting relationship whether the custody schedule is created by them or mandated by a judge.

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