Study results suggest divorce affects mental health

Griffin Law, PLLC
Dec 21, 2020

When a North Carolina married couple determines that their relationship is no longer viable, they may decide to go their separate ways. Filing for divorce is typically the first in a series of life-changing decisions. While a major life change might be intentional and welcomed, a recent study shows that spouses who break up often experience adverse mental and physical health symptoms.

Divorce is never easy, but there apparently certain issues that can make it even more emotionally and mentally challenging. The following list shows several potential situations that can take a heavy toll on a spouse’s health:

  • If the relationship between spouses is contentious
  • When parents are entangled in a child custody battle
  • Hostile situations, such as if one spouse is attempting to hide assets
  • Divorce-related financial distress

Any time there is conflict, it can take a toll on a person’s mental or physical health, sometimes both. Because divorce is carrying out an official end to a relationship, there may also be a sense of grieving that takes place as a spouse does his or her best to adapt to a new lifestyle and move on in life without his or her former partner.

Build a strong support network from the start

Especially if a North Carolina spouse is experiencing divorce for the first time, there is no way to predict how he or she might feel after being separated for an extended period of time. Whether a parent has primary custody or visitation rights may also affect his or her emotional and mental well-being, particularly as the first year unfolds after a divorce is finalized.

Trusted friends, close family members, licensed counselors and others are great assets who can provide encouragement and support as needed. It is also helpful to stay connected to an experienced family law attorney. This is especially true if a specific legal problem arises, such as a co-parent disregarding a court order or a need to request modification of a child support order.

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