The family law process is a resource for families

Griffin Law, PLLC
Aug 12, 2017

The family law process is designed to help families resolve a variety of issues that can come up related to their family and circumstances. Divorce, property division, child custody and child support are all issues that may be important to families. Divorce-related issues can be emotionally draining and challenging which is why the family law process serves as a resource to help guide couples and families towards positive outcomes for them.

It is important during the divorce process to have an understanding of how child custody concerns will be resolved, how property and assets will be divided and how to protect both children and finances during the process. These are likely concerns at the top of the minds of divorcing couples. A variety of considerations must be resolved during the divorce process such as property division, child custody and child support.

Trained guidance can help divorcing couples prioritize their divorce-related concerns. A divorce can be granted in North Carolina after one year of separation so it is also important to understand the legal separation process. In North Carolina, marital property is divided during divorce according to equitable distribution rules so it is also important to understand how the court will work to achieve a fair property settlement. Child custody and child support, of course, are also understandable concerns and it is important to develop a custody plan in the best interests of the child and establish a child support order that is fair.

By understanding the divorce process, and what to expect, it can be a more efficient and hopefully less emotional process for the divorcing couple. Divorce-related concerns can be complex and involve a variety of different considerations and factors, which can also be understandably emotional, so it is useful to understand how the family law process can help families through the process and into the future following the divorce.

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