We represent public officials accused of crimes

Griffin Law, PLLC
Feb 16, 2018

One need only read some of this blog’s previous posts to know how easy it is for public officials, elected or not, to wind up in legal trouble. In some cases, North Carolina law quite literally imposes a higher standard of conduct on public officials.

In other cases, public officials and how they handle money are simply under a lot more scrutiny, and thus what might be taken as an honest mistake if done by a private citizen becomes quite serious if the accused is an elected or other official.

Finally, Statesville and other officials are, of course, human, and, as humans, they are prone to making the occasional mistake of driving drunk or some similar offense.

In any event, though, a public official who is accused of a crime has a lot at stake. In addition to the possibility of legal punishment, their political careers and even the position they hold could be on the line. Moreover, because these sorts of cases are more likely to make the news, it can be hard for someone to live down a conviction even if they retire back to private life.

This is why it is all the more important for a public official accused of any crime to get experienced and knowledgeable legal help with defending their charges or, if it seems right, negotiating a plea agreement. In this respect, the professionals at our law office have years of experience handling a wide variety of crimes.

Having to deal with a criminal accusation as a public official or other high-profile person in a community can be extremely stressful, but we try to take as much of that stress off the backs of our clients by advising of them of their legal options, investigating their case thoroughly, and, when necessary, zealously representing our client in a trial.

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