What are the benefits of using an ignition interlock device?

Griffin Law, PLLC
May 10, 2021

Driving while intoxicated in North Carolina can upend your life in numerous ways beginning with the loss of your privilege to drive. Depending on the severity of your DWI charge, you may have the option of obtaining an ignition interlock device so you can continue to drive.

While it may seem inconvenient or even futile at first, complying with the requirements to have an interlock device can actually restore your independence.

Encourages good habits

Even after experiencing a DWI charge, you may still feel tempted to try driving after you have consumed alcohol. Changing bad habits and replacing them with responsible driving practices will take time and commitment. An ignition interlock device can encourage the development and maintenance of responsible behavior.

According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, anignition interlock deviceconnects to your vehicle’s ignition system. Before your vehicle will start, you need to breathe into the equipment which will test your BAC level. If your BAC falls within the acceptable range, your vehicle will turn on and you can drive. If your BAC does not meet the requirements, your vehicle will not start. Having an interlock device can lower your risks of reoffending and better protect you, your passengers and other motorists.

Preserves your privileges

The privilege to drive may enable you to maintain a career. Having the ability to go freely from one place to another can help you to meet the expectations of those in your social circle. Facing DWI charges can have detrimental effects when you can no longer drive. You may risk losing your job and you may have to rely on other people or resources to get to where you need to go.

An ignition interlock device allows you to maintain your driving privileges so long as you observe the rules. Considering other outcomes, installing an interlock device is a relatively affordable option. After you meet the requirements and enough time has passed, you may no longer need the interlock device in order to legally drive.

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