What do you know about surviving work while divorcing?

Griffin Law, PLLC
Nov 08, 2021

No matter if your divorce came as a shock or if you wanted it, you have a lot on your plate right now. Despite that, you must earn a living and go to work.

The Muse offers suggestions for navigating the office while divorcing. Learn how to balance your responsibilities and legal situation.

Take some time off

You must take care of yourself right now, which may mean taking a few days off. Going through a divorce takes an emotional and mental toll, maybe in unrealized ways. Getting away from the office helps you take stock of your thoughts and emotions, so you better minimize their effects on your work performance.

Let your boss know

You need not announce your divorce to the entire office. If you tell anyone, let your boss be one of the first people to know. You may need to step out of work to meet with your legal representative or attend court. Your boss also deserves to know why you may not work as well as you usually do. A quick meeting could prevent disciplinary action.

Concentrate on work

Right now, you may feel you do not know what you own. Focusing on work may help ground you in the next chapter of your life. Try not to overdo it, as you do not want to risk burning yourself out by working too much. You still need energy left for divorce matters.

Splitting from your spouse does not have to derail your career. With the right insights, you may slide and glide your way through your legal situation.

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