What should I do when coming up with a prenuptial agreement?

Griffin Law, PLLC
Dec 17, 2019

For a very long time, people have considered prenuptial agreements to be a thing of the rich. However, with the increase in the volume of divorce cases all charging a hefty amount, there are a lot more people who are discussing having a prenuptial agreement in their marriage. Many couples find that having the agreement is better than waiting for the stress that follows up during a divorce.

Before getting into a prenuptial agreement, it is vital that both you and your spouse consent to signing the contract. You both need to be very open and sincere about your concerns and feelings regarding the agreement. Before you get a lawyer, ensure that everything you want in the contract is present. You want to save as much as you can in legal fees before you can officially meet your attorney.

When visiting a lawyer, it is a good idea if both you and your partner visit different attorneys. By doing so, you can guard your interests. If you have any written down ideas, you can take them with you to the meeting as it will help speed up the process of coming up with the agreement. When you use a lawyer with enough prenuptial experience, they can suggest any changes in the agreement, provided it works to your benefit.

If your agreement is highly complicated, it can take several drafts before you get it right. Make sure you have plenty of time to work on it before your wedding. For the agreement to become effective, you need to have both you and your spouse’s signature, witnesses, and get the document notarized. You do not need any court authorization to recognize the certificate as valid. Both you and your spouse should keep at least one copy of the document.

This information is only for educational purposes. You should not take it as legal advice.

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