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How might adultery impact your divorce?

Adultery is often the reason for a marriage to end. Unfortunately, some humans have a tendency not to be loyal to partners. If you have proof of an affair, you may be able to use it as leverage in your divorce. You might be able to get a better settlement or claim...

What determines who gets primary custody?

When parents decide to get a divorce, a key concern is who will have primary custody of the children. Battles can become even more contentious and painful. If parents can come to an amicable arrangement, a judge will favor using that agreement. If the parents cannot...

What can a plea bargain do?

When presented with a plea bargain, many people may feel tempted to take it right away without actually understanding what it entails. Do plea bargains have any negative effects? Are they right for everyone? What exactly can they do, anyway? Potential positives The...

Do charges ever disappear from your record?

In North Carolina, charges do not disappear from your record after a certain amount of time. You have to actively petition to get charges removed from your criminal record. However, not all charges are eligible for expunction. The nature of your charges will determine...

What form of custody do studies support?

Generally speaking, choosing a form of child custody is one of the hardest parts of divorce discussions that parents going through a split will have to face. Different forms of custody can benefit people in different situations, and what works for one family may not...


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