Wrong place at the wrong time? You will need a solid defense

Griffin Law, PLLC
Apr 20, 2018

A previous post on this blog reported that several people in a town not far from Statesville, North Carolina, had been caught up in a drug bust. Police reportedly found methamphetamine and other evidence of drug distribution in the home that they searched.

As that post mentioned, these are the sorts of cases in which the old maxim, “at the wrong place and the wrong time,” can have particular relevance.

As is the case with lesser offenses, such as a party where underage minors are drinking, police will generally take the approach that those who are in the home or the building being searched are complicit in the illegal activity, including distribution of drugs.

The big problem is that the criminal charges that result from such circumstances can carry with them decades in prison and thousands of dollars in fines, not to mention the prospect of having a felony conviction on one’s record.

This is why someone who is accused of a serious drug crime in connection with a raid, or even just as part of a group of people, should strongly consider retaining experienced North Carolina drug defense counsel to help them both decide what their best legal option is and pursue that option.

In some cases, for instance, it may be that a defendant really did get mixed up in something with which he or she had no involvement. In such situations, we will use the resources at our disposal to investigate our client’s case and will work to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges. In other cases, it may be that our client is guilty of something, but we are able to formulate an effective defense to the most serious charges.

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