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North Carolina teen facing serious trouble over alleged threat

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Feb 23, 2018 |

Prior to recent tragic events in another state that have received ongoing media attention, police twice arrested a North Carolina teenager who allegedly threatened to blow up a school in his area. While police have not indicated whether they have found any evidence suggesting the…

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We represent public officials accused of crimes

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Feb 16, 2018 |

One need only read some of this blog’s previous posts to know how easy it is for public officials, elected or not, to wind up in legal trouble. In some cases, North Carolina law quite literally imposes a higher standard of conduct on public officials.…

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What is ‘failure to discharge duties’ in North Carolina?

On Behalf of Griffin Law, PLLC |

Feb 09, 2018 |

Aspiring Statesville and other local North Carolina politicians might not be fully aware of this, but when they took on a political office or position, even one at the local level, they can be criminally charged for not doing their jobs. Such was the case…

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