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Month: June 2020

How a DWI can cause workplace problems

When an employee has been with the same company for a long time, he or she often enjoys benefits at work that newer employees might not have. However, encountering legal problems in one’s personal life, such as facing DWI charges in a North Carolina court, may not...

Understanding North Carolina larceny charges

North Carolina takes property crimes such as shoplifting seriously. The state imposes charges for shoplifting, known as larceny, depending on the value of the stolen items. When facing North Carolina larceny charges, there are several potential penalties depending on...

Television star talks about her divorce

In North Carolina and elsewhere, the issues that lead to divorce are often as unique as the spouses themselves. While many couples have been together for 10 or more years before deciding to end their marriage, that is not always the case. Some, such as TV stars...


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